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Deep Dive Into The Hottest Topics Referenced By Your Industry Peers In Our In-Depth Research: Engagement Showcase ■ Social Media Success ■ AI, ChatGPT & New Tech ■ Measuring Impact ■ Cut-Through Digital Content ■ Seamless Digital Channel Mix ■ Winning On A Budget ■ The Future Of Digital Comms: Critical Industry Benchmarking

30th January 2024

08.15 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome


09.10 Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Lesley Woods, Head of Campaigns (Chief Communications Officer), Public Relations, UK Ministry of Defence

Daniel Klemm, Director of Customer Experience & Communications, Together Housing Group

Engagement Showcase

09.20 Brand New, Exciting & Cost-Effective Digital Comms Engagement Strategies Which Inspire Consumers, Maximise Your Online Reach & Drive Conversions

  • Ignite interaction with creative posts and campaigns which drive a powerful online presence, support your values and drive revenue
  • Curate the right content on the right channels at the right time in order to stand-out, power interaction and guarantee reach
  • Be inspired with a practical, effective and scalable presentation around how to best captivate consumers and achieve tangible ROI

Carly O’Donnell, Head Of Marketing Communications, The Royal Mint

Unapologetic Social Media Success


09.45 Maximise The Latest Trends, Insights, Channels & Content On Social To Drive Reach, Power Engagement & Elevate Brand Visibility

  • What’s set to disrupt next? Investigate the new channels and tools you could be leveraging on social media in order to drive successful campaigns which improve social and digital ROI
  • Deep dive and evaluate new ways to curate stand-out content for social media to nurture and grow your social community and consumer base
  • From TikTok to X… how can you effectively grow as a brand on new and ever-changing social platforms?
  • Reputation and risk: in terms of risk and crisis management across social and digital, what can we learn and how can we put things in place to mitigate negative backlash on social?

Rebecca Benn, Head – External Relations and Strategy (Defence Digital), UK Ministry of Defence

Liam Branaghan, Performance Marketing Lead (Delivery, EMEA), Uber

Sarah-Jean (SJ) Ng, Social Media Manager, University of Cambridge

Miranda Ralston, Ralston Creative Communications (Social Media) Manager, Social Security Scotland

Jessie Perryman, Deputy Head of Communications & Policy Secretariat, UK Ministry of Defence

10.15 Bonus Session; Reserved For NewsWhip

Paul Quigley, CEO and Co-founder, NewsWhip

Stephen Waddington, Founder & Managing Partner, Wadds Inc.

10.30 Exclusive Session Reserved For Apprentice Nation

11.00 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

11.30 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

Innovative AI, ChatGPT & New Tech

11.45 Practical, Tangible & Cost-Effective Ways AI, ChatGPT & Tech Can Support & Influence Digital Comms Engagement Without Breaking The Bank With Seamless Implementation & Increased Adoption

  • Everyone is talking about AI, so how will AI play a role in digital comms moving forward, and how can it be utilised effectively by comms professionals for maximum impact?
  • What is the right balance between machine learning and the human touch when it comes to digital comms and branding?

Karin Bosch, Secondment Operational Support & Creative Communications, Sky

Seamless Digital Channel Mixes

12.05 Tailored, Targeted & Seamless Channel Strategies Which Capture Attention, Elevate Engagement & Maximise Reach

  • It’s all about engagement! How can you ensure you’ve got the right channel mix which suits your brand and organisation, along with the right tone and content for maximum reach and impact?
  • Social, email, web… which new channels are worth the investment, and which traditional channels are still captivating the attention of your target consumer?
  • Determining your next channel strategy: how much resource should you put into it? What is the effectiveness of your content? Which channels are successful, and which aren’t?
  • Paid vs. organic: examine the pros and cons and explore best-in-class insights around the latest innovations guaranteed to supercharge your conversion rates without going over budget

Tony Finnegan, Digital News Lead, Ofcom

Engage On A Budget

12.25 Optimise Budget & Resources With Brand New & Creative Ways To Create Stand-Out Content & Campaigns For Increased Engagement & ROI

  • Increasing digital comms engagement on an ever-decreasing budget… how can you use your existing network and infrastructure more effectively, and find better ways to engage consumers whilst reducing costs?
  • The art of doing more, for less! Combat the challenges of stretching budgets with scale-down strategies which squeeze the most engagement and impact from the least resources with quick and simple digital comms and time-efficient prioritisation

Soco De Cela, Brand & Communications Director, BURGER KING® UK

12.45 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

13.45 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Francois Franco, Marketing Operations Lead, Body Contouring – International Markets, Allergan Aesthetics – An AbbVie company

Amanda Stuart, Head of Communications & Engagement, Novartis UK

Measuring Success & Impact

13.50 Deep-Dive Into The Data & Metrics From Your Digital & Social Comms Efforts To Unlock Critical Insights Into Brand Performance & Translate Results Which Meaningfully Improve Future Impact

  • Measuring digital: unearth new and updated measurement tools, metrics and KPIs which have demonstrably proven impact and tangible results in order to determine the real impact of your current campaigns
  • Maximising data insights can save time, money and resources in the long run! Examine how data is used and how you can monetise insights and scale it using data to directly inform future strategies
  • Stay ahead of the game by assessing the value of your current digital activity to optimise engagement and utilise the best-performing channels and content which will showcase digital ROI

Andrew Peacock, Communication Director, Love To Visit

Informal Breakout Discussions & Group Feedback

14.10 Please Choose Your Topic Of Choice From The Options Below, Breakout Into Smaller Groups For Interactive Discussion Time & Feedback Ideas & Questions To The Whole Delegation

a) Crisis Comms & Reputation
b) Traditional Press
c) Internal Meets External
d) Accessibility

14.40 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

15.10 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Cut-Through Digital Content

15.40 Outshine Competition & Fuel Engagement With Stand-Out, High-Impact & Cost-Effective Content Which Boosts Commerciality

  • Renew, refresh and revitalise your content strategy: what’s different, what’s new, and how can you do it better?
  • How can you turn ‘boring’ content into exciting and attention-grabbing content in order to drive engagement levels and turn passive content-viewing into active commercially-boosting results?
  • Generic content won’t cut it… determine and define your USP in order to differentiate and stand-out against ever-increasing competition

Sharon Natt, Senior Engagement Lead, Amnesty International UK

The Future Of Digital Comms Engagement


16.00 The Hottest Trends, Latest Insights & Inspiring Innovations: What’s Next For Digital Comms? Drive Digital Improvements, Upskill & Reassess Your Online Presence To Improve ROI, Deliver Increased Engagement Levels & Showcase Success

  • Adapt and evolve digital comms engagement in a changing world! How can digital teams remain flexible and resilient whilst responding to the latest trends?
  • What is the best way to connect with your target consumer across your digital mix to drive future success?
  • Take the best and leave the rest! Deep dive into your chosen channels and content and assess campaign success in order to leave low-impact strategies in 2023, and drive high-impact success in 2024 and beyond

Gillian Taylor, Head of External Communications, John Lewis Partnership

Alex Ruddock-West, Head of PR & Communications, TalkTalk

Karin Bosch, Secondment Operational Support & Creative Communications, Sky

Cat Jordan, Communications Director, Travelzoo

Andrew Peacock, Communication Director, Love To Visit

16.40 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Closing Remarks

Francois Franco, Marketing Operations Lead, Body Contouring – International Markets, Allergan Aesthetics – An AbbVie company

Amanda Stuart, Head of Communications & Engagement, Novartis UK

16.50 Official Close Of Conference

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