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The Digital Engagement Manchester Conference Programme

Innovative, Customer-Led & Results-Driven Engaging Digital & Social Communications

Accelerate Your Digital Performance With The Most Business-Critical New Breakthroughs In:
✓ New & Emerging Social Media Platforms ✓ Social Media ROI ✓ Advanced Facebook, Twitter & Instagram ✓ Digital Measurement & ROI ✓ Compelling Content ✓ Future Trends & Innovations ✓ Customer Journey ✓ Digital Brand Presence ✓ Integrated Channel Mix ✓ Optimised Email, Mobile & Website ✓ Targeting & Personalisation ✓ Cost-Effective Strategies ✓ Programmatics ✓ Video ✓ SEO ✓ Bloggers ✓ Embedding Digital

A One-Day, Industry-Led Conference & Networking Event, 21st April 2016 Museum of London Docklands. Download the brochure here.

08.30 Registration & Coffee, Objective Setting

09.00 GIC Welcome, Interactive Voting
Introduction & Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks
Paul Morris
Head of Digital & Social Media
The Co-operative Group


09.15 Interpreting The Latest Consumer Trends & Exploring Upcoming Innovations To Deliver Profitable, Engaging Digital Communications – Now & In The Future

  • Staying ahead of the curve – what’s the next big thing?
  • What are the latest consumer trends? Leveraging insights into audience behaviour to develop tailored, business-boosting digital strategies
  • Future gazing: capitalise on growth opportunities with a proactive approach to spotting trends in platforms and technologies…what’s on the horizon?
  • Will digital ever kill traditional media? In an evolving channel mix, is there still a role for traditional channels and how do they fit in?

Mary Harper
Head of Customer & Digital Marketing
Standard Life

Said Dajani
Head of Digital
Diabetes UK

Aidan McLaughlin
Director of International Communications

Robyn Glen
Head of Digital
Slimming World


09.45 Adaptable, Value-Driven Strategies For Advanced Engagement Across Established, New & Emerging Social Media Platforms

  • Boost reach and engagement with your target audience with best-practice advice on identifying the popular channels for your audience
  • Responding to consumer trends on social media for next-level interactions and optimising the right content on the right channels
  • From WhatsApp to Snapchat, Pinterest to Reddit, which emerging social platforms should we be investing in and how can we advance our comms strategies?

Guest Speaker To Be Announced. Please Check The Website For Updates.


10.05 ao.com Case Study: Engaging Social Media Content – Bringing A Boring Category To Life!

Find out how AO create content around white goods – the most boring category a retailer could dream of! Discover how their customers become active contributors and reviewers for electrical products, how AO use social media to maintain a high level of friendly customer service and AO’s understanding of ROI and the best strategy to connect digital advertising to TV advertising.

Yossi Erdman
Head of Brand & Social Media


10.25 Facilitated, Informal Delegate Breakout Discussions

A) FACEBOOK: Fresh Approaches To Fully Integrate Facebook Into Your Campaign Planning & Engage Facebook Audiences With Organic Reach
Andy Thompson
Digital & Social Media Manager
Iceland Foods

B) TWITTER: Innovations For Expanding Your Twitter Presence & Building A Network Of Brand Advocates Through Compelling Content & Interactions
Anja Weise
Digital & Social Media Development Manager

C) INSTAGRAM: Top Tips On Engaging Audiences On Instagram & Establishing It As A Brand-Enhancing Platform
Lisa Pearson
Head of Marketing
Blackpool Cluster Merlin Entertainments

10.45 Refreshment Break With Informal, Facilitated Networking

11.15 Bonus Session: Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner. To get involved in The Digital Engagement Manchester Conference – Trends & Innovations, please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email info@digitalengagementconference.com for more details.


11.35 Key Metrics To Clearly Demonstrate Returns & Prove The Benefi ts Of Social Media Investment

  • Delving into the most important metrics for effectively measuring the impact and monetary return of your social media communications and engagement levels
  • Justify continued investment! Comparing and contrasting new and proven analytics for powerful results which support the spend on social
  • Scrutinising the role of social advertising – how can it be integrated and what are the keys to success?
  • Which platforms give the best ROI?

Guest Speaker To Be Announced. Please Check The Website For Updates.


11.55 Mastering Tried & Tested Tools & Techniques Which Demonstrate The Value Of Digital For Continued Investment…& Showcase The Results!

  • Building a complete picture of the long-term impact and success of various digital channels: beyond vanity metrics, which metrics offer deeper insight into where we should be investing?
  • Quantify brand awareness and engagement to demonstrate the benefi ts of digital in real terms, secure senior buy-in and boost future results
  • Do digital ad campaigns really translate into sales? Top tips on evaluating the effectiveness of advertising strategies for greater impact and conversion rates

Antony Melvin
Head of Digital Development
Silentnight Group


12.15 Driving Greater Engagement With Compelling, Audience-Focused Content Strategies For Long-Term Success & Loyalty

  • Capturing insight on which types of content are best suited to different audiences – what are the factors, channels and formats which drive engagement?
  • Cost-effective strategies for embedding video into the channel distribution and making effective use of richer content to truly strike a chord with customers and see the return
  • What’s the strategy behind your content and how are you fuelling your content machine?
  • Maximise the impact of your content with practical measures to analyse performance and outcomes for more valuable, enhanced customer connections and conversations

Sue McVie
Strategic Marketing Director
Kerry Foods

12.55 Lunch & Informal Networking For Delegates, Speakers & Partners

13.25 Informal Peer-To-Peer Brainstorming

A) Programmatics: Trends & Results
Richard Gibbons
Senior Manager Online Channel – Europe

B) Maximising SEO
Michael Briggs
Head of SEO & Content

C) Effective Video Strategies

D) Working With Bloggers & Vloggers

E) Aligning International Markets

13.55 Afternoon Chairman’s Remarks
James Evans
Group Communications Director
BGL Group


14.05 ASDA’s Perspective On Best-Practice Digital Communications
Nick Bamber
Head of Digital Advertising & Creative
ASDA (Walmart UK)


14.25 Harnessing Insights Into The Customer Journey To Increase Engagement & Conversions

  • Understand your customers’ journeys and use digital insights to develop a comprehensive view of your customers to get results!
  • Uncover your customers’ mindsets, motivations and behaviour – how do customers interact and how can we meet their demands?
  • Enhance your mobile experience for efficient, quality customer experiences – how does mobile fi t into today’s customer journeys?
  • Track content performance as part of your overall customer journey

Thomas Kaiser
Digital Channel Maintenance Manager


14.45 Leveraging Digital To Build Brand Personality In The Digital Space: Identifying Your Relevance & Capitalising On It

  • Pinpointing where your brand fi ts in digital communications to build online advocates and communities
  • Seamlessly integrating digital channels to ensure a consistent, recognisable image
  • Managing tone and ensuring professionalism as well as creativity

Amanda Coleman
Head of Corporate Communications
Greater Manchester Police


15.05 Beyond An Afterthought: Seamlessly Integrating Digital Into The Wider Mix To Drive Engagement With A Consistent Communications Strategy

  • Managing and overseeing the brand online, through digital brand guidelines, microsite and social media strategies, to deliver excellent online brand experiences
  • Best-practice digital transformation – practical advice on integrating digital in everything from bids to campaigns for seamless, consistent communications
  • How can you directly attribute sales per channel to prove the value of digital integration?

Paul Fryer
Group Digital Marketing Manager
Kier Group plc


15.25 Informal Delegate Breakout Discussions

A) EMAIL – Next-Level Approaches For Targeted, Integrated Email Marketing Which Boosts Conversions
B) MOBILE – Advanced Strategies To Harness Trends In Mobile Customer Engagement
C) WEBSITE – Optimising Websites For Improved SEO, Increased Sales & More Responsive Design

15.45 Refreshment Break With Informal, Facilitated Networking

16.15 Bonus Session: Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner. To get involved in The Digital Engagement Manchester Conference – Trends & Innovations, please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email info@digitalengagementconference.com for more details.


16.35 Boost Results With Targeted, Bespoke Communications Across Digital Channels For A Tailored, Personal Touch Based On Audience Insights

  • Keeping up with ever-changing customer habits to build targeted, impactful communication strategies which delight customers and drive brand loyalty
  • Harness the power of programmatic advertising to reach the right audience with relevant, engaging content
  • Unlocking the secrets to quality personalisation: the mechanics behind recognising individual customer interests with tailored, customer-based content – and demonstrating the value

Michael Briggs
Head of SEO & Content


16.55 Engaging Colleagues To Embrace The Shift To Digital & Effectively Implement Innovative Communication Strategies – Without Breaking The Budget!

  • Best-practice advice on adapting and embedding digital in your organisation – what are the best tools for managing the transition and achieving collaborative buy-in?
  • Optimising your team structure to deliver high-impact digital communications, making the most of your budget and resources to drive engagement and justify future investment
  • What can be achieved on a shoestring budget? Triumphs and innovations in low-cost digital strategies which demonstrate the benefits and implications of utilising digital

Andy Jones
Head of Digital & Content
Network Rail

17.15 Chairman’s Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference Day

For more information on how to get involved in The Digital Engagement Manchester Conference – Trends & Innovations, please call +44 (0)203 479 2299 or email info@digitalengagementconference.com.

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